Our Partnerships

Cubed has many respected partners, all of which support our server while we support them in return. This ensures your experience is the best possible on our a server, no matter the cost.

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Who are They?


LeafCREEPER is our closest partner, a friend and close supporter of Cubed. Focused on innovative custom survival with a twist, LeafCREEPER pushes the boundaries to a next level.

Glowfisch Design Studio

Building within the Minecraft medium to bring quality products, Glowfisch Design Studio have expertise and nearly a decade of experience.

Everbloom Studios

Everbloom is a professional team of innovative individuals working towards advanced standards within Minecraft. We work with Everbloom on various projects and continue to support each other in every way possible.


Blockception is an experienced team of skilled artists who create high quality pieces of work. Creating builds for companies such as Microsoft, Blockception truly know how to impress.

World of Keralis

World of Keralis is a server focused on excellent towns and innovative builds orientated around their owner; Keralis. They also have multiple servers connected to their network.

Operation Realism

Operation Realism is a developed realistic server with an experienced team of builders, creating a beautiful city in a Californian theme.


VictorianCraft focus on the Victorian side of the world, with masterpiece recreations of real-world structures.

Esterlon Community

Esterlon are a community server that is orientated around realism, whom bring this quality to Cubed.

ShipSide Server

Building amazing ships and nautical structures, ShipSide bring the concept of ships to reality.

Builders Refuge

With innovative systems and creative builders, Builders Refuge push the boundaries.


MCProApp uses the web and mobile platforms to host high quality schematics in a layered blueprint format. Sharing the creations of talented artists.

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