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What is Cubed?

Cubed Creative is a creative Minecraft freebuild server that has been around since 2014. Our aim is to create a place where people go for both the great community and the many creative possibilities. We set ambitious goals and always do our best to achieve them – and we’re well on our way to do so.

We allow basic tools and commands from the start, for through working with less you innovate and create to meet your dreams rather than choose the easy route. As you develop, we supply more through promotions; creativity and opportunity is very important to us. Another thing that is incredibly important to us is being original. We’re always pushing ourselves to come up with new innovative things to keep your experience interesting.


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Quick announcement on donations

Hey everyone, After careful consideration, the Cubed team has decided to open up donations to Cubed Community, for an undecided amount of time. It’s not easy to fund a server, and unfortunately it has only gotten more difficult as of late. Luckily we do...
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Cubed Academy – Class 2: Geometry

Hey everyone, A week ago we held our first Cubed Academy class, taught by Rebelite. After positive feedback we’ve decided to move forward with this idea. Cubed has always been about helping the community and providing a new way to learn how to express...
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A Change in Staff

Hey everyone, Cubed’s past months have been quite busy. There was a huge influx of new players, all people who read our minecraft.net article, and this put Cubed’s staff team to the test. We’ve evaluated the results of both that test and our...
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Cubed Update – 3.9

Cubed update 3.9 This update focuses on usability and development of our tools: Friends: You can add friends via our friend menu – try /friend Holo Menu: Our custom holo menu has been released to the public – try /help Plots have been revamped: More...
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Relations Update – 3.8

Welcome to better relations. This update has been intensive to ensure that the server is more immersive, easier to use and our members can freely expand on their skill. What’s new? Reformed Getting Started webpage. The new layout includes easier to read...
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La Saint Victoire

Welcome to La Saint-Victoire City, the city of music and artists. This is a city by VictorianCraft, now part of Cubed Creative, that has taken more than a year to create yet this project is still to be completed. It is 1000×1000, with various districts and...
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Update 3.7 – Identity

Welcome to a new step in identity. Welcome to 3.7, the update that allows you to show who you are, focused solely on you. This update includes custom profile pictures for each member, with new member tags to be use in forums and such places. From…
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Cubed Creative is a renowned Minecraft freebuild server, aiming to come up with exciting and innovative advances. 

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