Getting Started

Your journey begins here

Welcome to getting started, the place we include the essentials for your future on Cubed. By using the following information you can certainly expand your knowledge of how we work and gain an insight to your future. Lets begin.



Ranks show who you are; your skills on Cubed. You steadily rank up as you showcase your skills, time and dedication. Our staff vote on promotions to be fair as possible, but read further to find out what you can achieve.

Builder Rank Cubed

The rank you start out with after your application was accepted. 

  • Basic WorldEdit
  • Full WorldEdit + Voxelsniper (/vote)
Builder+ Rank Cubed

Your first promotion, where you gain extra WorldEdit perks additional to that of Builder.

  • //set //copy & //paste
  • Full WorldEdit + Voxelsniper (/vote)
Builder Rank Cubed

The next step up. Artist signifies an individual with great talent, very high standards and a team leader who can help those of lower ranks.

  • Full WorldEdit
  • Full  Voxelsniper (/vote)
  • /TP
  • Additional essentials commands
Builder+ Rank Cubed

One of the final ranks, Artist+ allows our senior respected members access to full WorldEdit and Litevoxel. 

  • WorldEdit
  • LiteVoxel
Builder Rank Cubed

The highest achievable rank before Staff, Trusted belongs to that of a member who has been with Cubed for a considerable time.

  • Full WorldEdit
  • Full Voxelsniper
  • Minor moderation permissions
  • Most essentials commands
Builder+ Rank Cubed

Emissary is an individual rank that is given to staff members of Cubed’s partners. 

  • Most WorldEdit
  • LiteVoxel
  • /TP

Need the promotion criterias?

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Our secondary world, Autumn stands as our well known place of inspiration and reputation with our public main city Westpoint. Alongside this we have other cities and towns throughout the map, notably Honolulu and Bruges.


  • Full access
  • Many towns and cities
  • Featured /cities
  • Freebuild for builders and above

How to enter: /cities

Our flatworld for members, this world speaks for itself in terms of being an open Freebuild flatworld for members to build in.


  • Full access
  • Freebuild
  • Open space
  • 10GB of pain

How to enter: /warp Plots

This is our plotworld for guests to use if they don’t have a portfolio to use in their application to Cubed.


  • 40×40 plots
  • Full access

How to enter: /warp Guests

Isona is our next generation of city, with both Vancouver and Isona city taking major roles in this development. This world works alike to Autumn.


  • Innovative city concepts
  • Full access
  • Unique cities; limited freebuild

How to enter: /warp Isona

For members, this is for those too lazy for the flatworld and prefer a static place for building.


  • Builders and above only
  • Full WorldEdit
  • 100×100 plots

How to enter: /warp Plots

We have multiple unique worlds on Cubed, each with a different purpose. there are many /warps which lead to various areas of each world.

While you’re still a guest, you can access every world but only build in the Guest world. Once you’ve successfully applied for Builder, you’re free to build in any world as long as you abide by the rules.

In our main worlds, we have towns and cities. These locations have colour-coded ‘plots’ which members can build in. These plots can be houses, skyscrapers; anything. You can find plot codes and rules in the town or city spawn.

Members with Artist rank and above are free to build towns and cities when they ask for permission. Otherwise, any member can assist those creating a city or town on request. If you prefer to build freely, you can build in our flatworld or plotworld which has full WorldEdit for every member.


Cubed has multiple respected partners to ensure your experience is the best possible on our a server, no matter the cost. 


We make use of many custom commands on our server for a unique experience, no matter the player. From acronym commands that make life easier to informational commands that satisfy the wise, we have it all. Read through our handy list here for our documentation and try them out on the server.

Have an idea for a custom command? Feel free to contact us or execute the command /suggest on our server.


Y: Acronym for /tpaccept.

N: Acronym for /tpdeny.

RT: Acronym for /randomTP.

WESV: Acronym for turning on/off WorldEdit selection visualisation.

LC: Acronym for /LeafCreeper.

Custom Commands

Achievements: Lists custom achievements.

Apply: Links to the application page.

Cities: Lists the featured cities.

Emotes: Lists available custom emoticons.

Fall: Imitate the holy Fallrise.

Isona: Information about the main city, Isona.

LeafCreeper: Information about our partner server, LeafCreeper.

Partners: Lists our partners.

Pets: Command for our pet plugin.

Playtime: Information about total playtime. 

Plots: Claim a new plot in our plotworlds.

Rewards: Lists rewards for voting.

RandomTP: Teleports player to a random location.

Ranks: Lists our ranks.

ServerIP: Links our IP.

Spotlight: Links to our spotlight page and spotlight projects.

StairReplacer: Command for our stair replacement plugin.

Suggest: Lets you suggest features and ideas.

Tutorial: Help page for new members.

Towns: Help page about towns.

Updates: Lists our updates and their features.

Vancouver: Information about the main city, Vancouver.

Victoire: Information about the main city, Victoire.

Westpoint: Information about the main city, Westpoint.

Vote: Vote for the server.


Parkour: Opens the parkour GUI.

Rules: Opens the rules GUI.

Staff: Opens the staff GUI.

Servers: Opens the serverlist GUI.


Cubed Creative is a renowned Minecraft freebuild server, aiming to come up with exciting and innovative advances. 

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