Hey everyone,

Cubed’s past months have been quite busy. There was a huge influx of new players, all people who read our minecraft.net article, and this put Cubed’s staff team to the test. We’ve evaluated the results of both that test and our recent Member Survey, and have made some changes in staff accordingly. We now have a new staff roster, reducing our numbers down to 14. Unfortunately we say goodbye to some of our most trusted staff members, but alas, duty calls, college awaits. Luckily we had some replacements ready, so meet our new staff team.


  • Fallrise
  • Aequotis
  • RezzedUp
  • ES_James


  • Hoppys


  • OLL_97
  • Blockceptional
  • GGJ16
  • Skiasa


  • lewd_amelia
  • Lickerr
  • Chillkroete
  • Rexrocks1
  • Avenlite
  • Elisthetic
  • QuietShadow

And besides that, Wonder is on trial. So there you have it, the all-new Cubed Team.


PS. more announcements soon

PS. We have a member survey going on until Thursday. If you’d like to have a say in Cubed’s future, you can participate here.