Introducing Cubed 3.6 – “A new home”

Hey everyone,

After a month-long whitelist, today marks the long awaited reopening of Cubed Creative and the release of Cubed 3.6 – introducing many both major and minor improvements to the player experience on Cubed, behind the scenes changes and a brand new website – hence the update name. We’ve work hard continuously throughout the entire time we were whitelisted, and we’re proud of the results.

Not only did the whitelist serve as a way to focus on development, but it was also an opportunity to figure something really important out – namely, the future of Cubed. And don’t worry – it has only gone into a positive direction.

As you may have noticed, the past 6 months Cubed has begun to push for faster and more interesting development, more community interaction, but generally, bigger ideas. We’ve built some incredible partnerships, and even while whitelisted we remained active – most notably we participated in Planet Minecraft’s Sustainability contest, which we won. We want to be known as a community that strives for originality, innovation, and quality. Today is the rebirth of these ideologies – and we hope this update and upcoming announcements will convince you that it’s not just some marketing talk. Our players are incredibly important to us and we have no interest in making false promises – because you can be as innovative as you want, but what’s it all worth if you’re an asshole?



For this release we have been in contact with both World of Keralis and ShipSideOfTheForce. The former is one of the oldest freebuild server that many of our members built their first house on – and we’re proud to declare a friendship with them that might even bring forth some collaborations, who knows. (This is not immediate intention, though)

ShipSide is a French community focusing on naval building within Minecraft. They have managed to find clever ways to create compelling naval designs within the game, and since Cubed has also been quite active on this front (Such as the Port Salver Marina) we thought this would be a great partnership to exchange ideas and collaborate. That collaboration starts today – which brings me to the next announcement.



We’re running a contest in collaboration with ShipSide and Votable to celebrate the reopening of the server. The theme is ‘Nautical Worlds’ – Read more about it here.


Cubed Spotlight

We’ve added a new way to showcase your builds – and it’s called Cubed Spotlight. Submit your entries today and achieve a rank on the leaderboard!



Many, many server improvements have been made. Go on Cubed and do /updates to find out more – later there will be a list here on the site.

I’d like to thank everyone for your incredible patience – you have no idea how much we appreciate it. Thanks for sticking with us, we hope you love the updates and we’re incredibly excited for the future.

Regards, the Cubed Team