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Cubed’s ranks can be confusing, but let’s learn about them and the requirements needed before you earn each rank.


Builder is the first rank at Cubed. If you’ve successfully applied then this rank is rewarded to you. The application system is explained HERE. This rank seen as Cubed’s essential, giving builders just enough tools that can be used to build their desires and seek to innovate.

Qualities desired:

  • Be active
  • Willing to learn
  • Innovate
  • Knowledge of WorldEdit


Builder+ is the intermediate rank. This rank is awarded after a Builder has reached the potential desired by Cubed. This isn’t an easy step, and shouldn’t be seen as an easy rank to earn.

Qualities desired:

  • 18+ days online (try /playtime)
  • Has shown different skills, such as interior and planning
  • Interacts with the community
  • Understand they must help others


Artist is the advanced rank. This rank is awarded after substantial time at Cubed and excellent skills. Typically, players can attempt to be double promoted to this rank, but it takes time and a lot of skill. The artists at Cubed are often relied upon to help the Builders below their rank, and use their knowledge to ensure they’re better than they first came to Cubed.

Qualities desired:

  • 30+ days online
  • Builds exceptionally, typically large scale
  • Interacts with the community and helps teach
  • Can innovate and improvise if tasked a difficult request


Artist+ is typically the highest rank a member can reach. This is awarded to members that exceed standards, and thus relied upon to lead server projects and help make the server higher quality by being role models to all members at Cubed. Rarely, an Artist+ may be considered for the Trusted rank, a rank directly below staff and treated as such.

Qualities desired:

  • 50+ days online
  • Builds multiple styles to excellent standards
  • Well known member of the community
  • Can be relied upon to help staff plan future cubed projects
  • Dedicated to making Cubed a better experience

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