Update 3.7 – Identity

Welcome to a new step in identity.

Welcome to 3.7, the update that allows you to show who you are, focused solely on you. This update includes custom profile pictures for each member, with new member tags to be use in forums and such places. From this, you’ll stand out in the crowd and show that you’re part of something bigger while earning an extra piece of magic from us as a thank you for applying.

Each profile picture produced will show our community as a whole; the unique identity of each member under one roof and initiative. Your own profile picture is the embodiment of this.

How do I get one?

To earn one of the profile pictures, you must be a member [builder or above] of Cubed:

  • Contact us on Twitter or Skype
  • Request a personalized profile picture
  • Supply us with an image you wish to use

If you haven’t applied, follow the steps here and wait to see if you’ve been accepted! Remember, if you’re not happy with the profile picture you receive at a later date, you can always ask for a new one.

Want the member tag?

Use this link: CubedTag

There will be more icons to come for every rank, but this is currently the main one we shall release thus far. We’ll release micro-updates related to this when we do.