Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and inquiries we often receive
What is a 'freebuild server'?

Cubed Creative is a freebuild Minecraft server – which means we basically have an open map, and you can build where you want. We’re not mainly plot based, like a general PlotMe server. You can just build wherever you want though – to keep a world up to our standards, we have to organize it. More on that here: How Creative Works

Can I apply for staff?

No, you cannot apply for staff. We prefer to choose staff ourselves.

How do I earn higher ranks?

This depends on several factors, so not just on build quality. We look at how active you are, and in what ways you contribute to the community. More here; Ranks

Why can't I build?

You can only join the server by applying. You can find the application form here; Join Us

What are partnerships?

Cubed values its relationships with other Minecraft communities. Therefore we have set up 4 kinds of partners;

  • Sponsor
  • Friend
  • Partner
  • Contributor

You can read more about them here.

What does it mean when people say 'Hnnnng'?

The wild mating call of Aequotis and Artume, we try to pretend to understand it but we just let them run around shouting mild profanity and hope for the best.

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