Cubed 3.6

Cubed's new home

A brand new website


Incredible server improvements

An even better experience


A rethought roadmap

This update brings a new future for Cubed

Behind the scenes

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Spotlight is a new way of showcasing your projects on Cubed – think of it as the ‘Community’s portfolio’. This is the place where people see what we build – and to share your contribution with the world. We have various categories and we’ll only be adding more – plus if your entry gets accepted into Spotlight, you’ll get a free render (if you don’t already have one). There’s even a leaderboard where you can compete with fellow players for the most entries!

An even better experience.


Get started easily.

Do /tutorial on the server to find out everything you need about the server.


Giving an overview.

A new command /cities gives you a handy overview of all amazing warps on Cubed.


Tell us what you think.

You can now easily submit suggestions using the redesigned /suggestions command.


A new way to get around

Our very own /warps command provides easy access to the server.


Talking has never been so good looking

We have redesigned the global chat to make it look even better.


Lots of other features.

Details matter – and we’ve got a ton of them in this update. Besides the major features, of course.


Cubed Creative is a renowned Minecraft freebuild server, aiming to come up with exciting and innovative advances. 

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