Apply for Builder


Become a builder on our creative server and become part of our community.


Applying for the Builder rank grants you access to all our features and worlds, with commands and settings unique to Cubed. Read below to find out about ranks, rewards and how to apply.


We have a set of specialist ranks available to our members, each gained from time, dedication and skill, each with different commands and resources. The first rank you gain is builder.


Why Apply?

We pride ourselves for our quality and talented members; this means we monitor members and filter applicants who are good enough to join our community. If you think you’re talented enough, join us.

How do I Apply?

Step 1

Open up the application form and fill out the details. If you find that you do not have a portfolio to use in your application to show your builds, do /warp Guests on Cubed and build an application piece – state you have done this in your application.

Step 2

Now you’ve applied, wait for staff to check your application. You will be notified via any social media stated in your application if you have been accepted.

Step 3

If your application has been accepted, you will receive Builder on Cubed. This will enable access to all the worlds and features of Cubed.

Application Form


Cubed Creative is a renowned Minecraft freebuild server, aiming to come up with exciting and innovative advances. 

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