Hey everyone,

A week ago we held our first Cubed Academy class, taught by Rebelite. After positive feedback we’ve decided to move forward with this idea. Cubed has always been about helping the community and providing a new way to learn how to express yourself within Minecraft seems like a great way to do just that. Although the official announcement is yet to come, we’re now announcing the second class: geometry, by Rebelite. Here’s his message to all of you:

Good news! A second class at Cubed Academy! Join Rebelite this Sunday at 2pm EST, 7 pm GMT, for a lesson on shapes, geometry, and aesthetics. Including basic WorldEdit commands such as //hcyl for circles and //pyramid. Beginning with 2D shapes and then moving to 3D shapes and then applying these ideas to skyscrapers. After will be a short part on aesthetics, including the Golden Rectangle and focal points. The lesson will last about two hours with a build battle at the end to prove your skills. Last class was really good, so I hope to see many of those students but tell your friends since I am hoping for a bigger turnout than last time! Hope to see you there :blush:

Also if you have any questions or want to teach a class message me or ask in #academy which is the primary chat channel for anything related to the Cubed Academy. Also use the voice channel called Academy, during classes the teacher will speak in this channel so feel free to join and listen. You don’t need to speak!

In hopes of a great second class –Rebelite

If you would like to meet some new people but above all learn the tips ‘n tricks of building in Minecraft, then go ahead and be there! You’re very welcome.