Welcome to better relations.

This update has been intensive to ensure that the server is more immersive, easier to use and our members can freely expand on their skill.

What’s new?
  • Reformed Getting Started webpage. The new layout includes easier to read expanded information, more areas of cubed and the option to create your own custom profile picture with our handy tool.
  • Cubed Texturepack [alpha]. Download this soon!
  • Updated to 1.11.2 Minecraft.
  • Newbies now receive WorldEdit equivalent to the Builder rank in their plotworld.
  • New hub.
  • New /howtoapply tutorial area.
  • New commands: /cubedcommands
  • Reformed colourscheme for simplicity.
  • More WorldEdit.
  • Better utilities.
  • Increased memory.
  • Easier to apply with Apply for Builder webpage.