Cubed has now shut its doors for the upgrades ahead. We do not know when we’ll be back, but we do know we’ll be as awesome as ever. All staff will still be available for contact, and Cubed Community may continue to participate in community efforts, such as joint projects (most recently, the Apex Events). We’re upgrading to improve your experience and our roles in Minecraft. We’re not telling you much yet, as we want it to be a lovely surprise for you once we’re back.

Getting concerned? You can follow us at twitter, keep up with the Discord’s #announcements and sign up for the newsletter. We promise to drop regular updates as we go.

We’ve made a small server for our members to continue builds while we work on the main server. This shelter has the worlds Ground and Catalne.

All members have full tools (worldedit, voxel, gobrush) on the shelter to ensure they can peacefully continue builds without any hindrance. All you have to do is type /flat to get to Ground, where we requested members to move their builds. This server is NOT Cubed Creative. It is a temporary server until the main server is reopened to the public.

Versions: 1.10 - 1.12.2